The village emptied due to Ilham Aliyev's son-in-law

The village emptied due to Ilham Aliyev's son-in-law
13 Dekabr 2023
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Tahir Rasulov, a resident of Garachayli village of Shabran District: "They blocked us in front of the wires, we stand this side and look at our ancestral lands through the wires"

Tahir Rasulov


On the other side of the wires is the village of Garachayli of Shabran, where Tahir Rasulov lived until 2019. In 2017, the territory of the village was leased to “Shabran Agrocomplex” LLC for 49 years. After that, 10 families from the village of Garachayli were displaced to the village of Udullu. But by taking away their farms.

Shabran Agrocomplex”

Tahir Rasulov did not want to leave his home. Therefore, he demanded his rights in the courts for 2 years. But he says that he was eventually forced to leave his lands after being pressured.

Tahir Rasulov: "The land belonged to Sheikh Allahshukur Pashazadeh, who leased it to us. half hectares per person. We planted, cultivated, and made a living. After this "Agrocomplex" was established, those leases also went to them. They came and said that the "Agrocomplex" is coming and so I have to move. I had a lot of trouble with them, they tortured and tormented me a lot, they threatened me with the police. They took me out of my ancestral home by the hand of the court."

The villagers have been landless starting January 5, 2017. On this date, Novruz Novruzov, the executive head of Shabran region, leased 1738 hectares of land in the territory of Udullu and Garachayli villages to "Shabran Agrocomplex" LLC for 49 years. As a result, 10


families relocated from Garachayli village did not find land to build a farm in Udullu village as well.

      Shohrat Gardashaliyev, a resident of Garachayli village: "The gas line goes through here to Agropark and does not provide gas to the people. Why? People's money is not money? They give manure to the fields. It's true, they spend millions on manure, but the people don't have as much value as manure. We can't plant crops here. We don't have land, we don't own property. It's all the people's land, but look, they've invaded and taken it away.”

Shohrat Gardashaliyev


But who owns the company "Shabran Agrocomplex" that displaced people from their homeland?

Tahir Rasulov: "Names are mentioned here, the name of the president, the name of Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva (vice-president and wife) is mentioned. But no, it does not belong to them, they are scaring us with them. May God bless their lives. As soon as one of our cattle crosses to that field, we are told by the management that this is Mrs.Mehriban's place. So has Mrs. Mehriban appointed a representative here to kill, beat, torture or threaten a citizen?! No! This place is neither Mehriban's nor the president's. Who does it belong to? Unknown!"

"Baku Agropark" LLC is the founder of "Shabran Agrocomplex" LLC in Shabran district. According to the tender announcement by “Azerishig” OJSC for building the electrical system of the agricultural park in Shabran, the company belongs to the "AzEcoFarm" LLC This is the same AzEcoFarm company, which later changed its name to "Baku Agropark" LLC. At the opening of the greenhouse of the same Baku Agropark in Zira, the place was presented to President Ilham Aliyev by his son-in-law Samad Gurbanov. Businessman Samad Gurbanov is married to Arzu Aliyeva, the youngest daughter of the president. Following the opening, the state institutions created many discounts and opportunities for Samad Gurbanov's work.

Mainly tomatoes are grown in the presented greenhouse. The company started production in August 2017 with a 10-hectare greenhouse. In 2019, the 2nd phase of the greenhouse was put into use. Samad Gurbanov invested 21.7 million manats (appr. USD 12.8 mln) in the construction of its 1st stage. 11.7 million manats (USD 6.9 mln) of the announced investment is his own money. The remaining 10 million manats were taken as a loan from the "Entrepreneurship Development Fund'' financed by the state budget. 5 percent per annum for 10 years. Meaning, if inflation is taken into account, it is almost free

The state's warm attitude towards Samad Gurbanov's greenhouse does not end with cheap loans. “Azerishig” OJSC spent no less than 5 million 531 thousand manats (USD 6.9 mln) to supply the greenhouse with electricity at the expense of state funds. The work was carried out by a company by a related person - "Retro Holding" - owned by Academician Arif Pashayev, the father of 1st Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva. “Azerishig” OJSC, as a rule, lays electric lines to private households at the entrepreneur's own expense. Samad Gurbanov was considered an exception.


The Entrepreneurship Assistance Fund has given a 10 million manats (USD 5.8 mln) loan to the agricultural complex in Shabran region on discounted terms. In 2018-2019, 18 modern irrigation systems were installed in the agrocomplex. In addition, the construction of a concrete-covered water pool with a capacity of 150,000 cubic meters for supplying irrigation water to the agro-complex in the region was carried out at the expense of the State. Since 2018, “Azerbaijan Amelioration and Water Farm” OJSC has been providing irrigation water to its farmlands since 2018. According to the orders of President Ilham Aliyev, the Samur-Absheron irrigation system reconstruction project was implemented. The State’s melioration company built a pipeline to supply additional water to 1,738 hectares of newly irrigated land of "Shabran Agrocomplex" LLC. But the institution does not disclose how much these works cost the state. There is no doubt that millions of manats are involved.

In the same year, “Azerishig” OJSC performed the power supply works of the pilot irrigation system of the agropark. For this purpose, 1 million 750 thousand manats (USD 1,03 mln) were paid to "Azconstruction" CJSC. Apparently, the company is surrounded by comprehensive state protection. Samad Gurbanov did not spend too much here either. However, the farmers in the village of Davachi, next to “Shabran Agrocomplex” which is benefiting from additional water pipes built at the expense of the state funds, do not find water to irrigate their fields.

Bakhish Musayev, a resident of the village of Davachi: "Look, we need water right now. Let's go and have a look at the field, the crop is at this height. What am I going to harvest from there? Then the government comes and says that you produce poorly, let's take your land and give it to whoever sows grain well, yields 8-10 tons per hectare. The Agropark plants and irrigates it because the water comes for it. But 4-5 villages have been in this situation for 4-5 years, and the water does not come here in particular.”

Bakhish Musayev

In the village of Udullu, where the agrocomplex is located, gas is not supplied to the houses of the residents, but a separate gas line was built on the company's territory.

Shohrat Gardashaliyev, a resident of Garachayli village of Shabran district: "I go and cut bushes, bring and burn them. I have a place of work near me, but he would not hire me. The gas passes through here, to the other side of the road, but he would not provide me gas. I am simply told just fall down and die, let me kick you in the throat and die."

Despite the villagers who do not have land turn to the agrocomplex as a last resort for work, they are either not hired or are offered a low salary of 300-350 manats. (appr. USD 200)

Khanad Hajili, a resident of Garachaylii village of Shabran district: "Agroparks should be opened in such a way that there is no distinction between rich and poor, as in the Soviet government. Now it's slavery, neither poor nor rich. Now there are masters who kick you in the head, slap and make you work. They even determine the price. How can a person who works for 300 manat support a family?”

Khanad Hajili

Court documents show that the company pays an annual rent of just 2,520 manats for 1,738 hectares of land. Tahir Rasulov says that until 2019, he paid a rent of 30 manat per hectare of that land. The company, however, now pays a rent of 1 manat and 50 cents per hectare of this land. Endless plots of land, cheap loans, priceless state investments... All this - comprehensive state care - was achieved by businessman Samad Gurbanov, the son-in-law of President Ilham Aliyev, thanks to non-transparent mechanisms. His close relationship with the ruling family in Azerbaijan has already led to the intersection of businesses.

One of Samad Gurbanov's companies in Baku, which deals with foreign trade relations, entered the orbit of the Pasha Holding group of companies. We are talking about "Baku Agropark Trading House" LLC, the company that is engaged in wholesale trade of fruits and vegetables. "Baku Agropark Trading House" is one of the not more than 300 business entities that use the "Green Corridor" in export operations. In official documents, he is presented as an exporter of tomatoes from Azerbaijan. "Baku Agropark Trading House" was founded in 2018. The recent appointment of a new manager may signal a change in ownership. The current director of the company is Vahid Novruzov. He is the deputy director of Agro Food Investment LLC, which manages the agricultural portfolio of the PMD GROUP group of companies. PMD Group LLC is under the umbrella of Pasha Holding. He did not comment on the journalist's inquiry about the inclusion of the "Baku Agropark Trading House" company in the group. Before Vahid Novruzov, the company was headed by 54-year- old Teymur Musayev. The fact that the businessman Samad Gurbanov controlled several companies operating in the field of agriculture, trade and logistics was revealed through T.Musayev who is the business manager of Samad Gurbanov, the director of these companies. The director of the farm in Shabran is also Teymur Musayev. Teymur Musayev did not respond to the journalist's inquiry about the relationship of the companies he leads with Samad Gurbanov or the operations taking place

The offices of many of Samad Gurbanov's companies are located in Port Baku Towers, an elite business center owned by Pasha Holding. One of the companies settled here is Maxitrading LLC. In 2014, it was registered in Baku, Jafar Khandan street, house 32, apartment number 3. This company, founded under the name "Mirlex Trading", is engaged in the import and distribution of food products to the trade network.

The company has a food warehouse in Absheron region. Along with it, several other companies belonging to the Mirlex group - Mirlex Development and Mirlex construction LLCs were founded in this apartment that year. The legal representative of both companies is Teymur Musayev. The legal address of the company "Stenton Safety Systems" is also the mentioned apartment. Since 2014, this company has been engaged in the sale of fire extinguishers, installation of automatic fire alarm, parking and video surveillance systems.

A security guard met us at Shabran Agrocomplex: "Oh no, hold the shot!"

(Speaking on the phone) "Boss, I have told them to stop filming, what should we do with them now?"(Answering voice from the phone) "Don't let them shoot". The guard said that none of the executives were at work.

Shohrat Gardashaliyev, a resident of Garachayli village of Shabran district: "Look, this was a house, that was a house, these were living quarters. They moved away. Why? Because there were no conditions for them either. They are moving because it is not convenient for anyone to keep animals, there is no gas, no heating system, no place to work. Commuting is not convenient, so people are forced to leave. It doesn't help me either, I'm leaving here myself."

Tahir Rasulov, a resident of Garachayli village of Shabran region: "We buy grass with money, we buy hay bales with money, we buy grain with money. We buy wheat and flour for ourselves and eat with money. We can't make a living."

Due to the agrocomplex, although the residents of Garachayli village were moved to another village, their cemetery remained on the other side of the fence. They say they need permission from the agrocomplex’s management every time they want to visit their late relatives. Villagers are thinking of leaving these lands due to unemployment and poor conditions. They say that if they remain without land and crops for a long time, their doors will remain locked too


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